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Do you want to start a motorcycle towing business?
Don’t know where to start and need help from an industry expert with years of owning and operating motorcycle towing franchise?

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Breakdown!!! Now what?

Fernando Reyes, owner and founder of Motorcycle Towing Professionals, states: “As a motorcycle en-thusiast myself, many of us have encountered situations where we need our bike towed or transported, either because of a breakdown, a dead battery, or we came in a little too hot on our favorite corner, and we’re now faced with the decision of how to get our bike home or to the shop.


Motorcycle Towing Professionals offers a better and safer alternative for towing your motorcycles.

Do I call and bribe my buddy with a pickup truck and a ramp, and risk the horrible tragedy of a loading mishap? This could cause more damage than the bike already has in order to save the money that a (car) towing company usually charges me . . . OR . . . Do I call a car towing company? Although they are great at towing cars, sometimes they just don’t have the right equipment or the right experience to tow a motorcycle, and consequently end up damaging the bike even more than the accident itself. Who wants to choose between the lesser of these two evils?”


Final stop for your motorcycle towing needs. What more can you ask for?

FINALLY, there is a BETTER way! Motorcycle Towing Professionals is a company created BY people who ride (and know and love motorcycles) FOR people who ride. Not only do we have all the proper equipment to transport your bike safely and securely, we don’t charge an arm and a leg to get you and your bike home safely. We do know how bad it is when your bike breaks down or you misjudged your favorite corner, but that should be the worst part of your day, NOT getting you and your bike back home. So now you can feel just a little bit better (if that’s possible) about calling someone to pick up your baby andget her home. We know towing your motorcycle is the last thing you think about, but when you need a tow, all of a sudden it becomes the most important thing on your mind. Hopefully, you’ll never need to call us. But just in case, it’s nice to know we’re there. And it’s better to know us and not need us, than to need us and not know us! All of the employees at Motorcycle Towing Professionals are motorcycling enthusiasts and understand the heartaches and the serious complications from breaking down whether on the highway or in the wilderness. They love what they doand they are available 7 days a week to help you in your predicament. In addition, they are reliable, professional, and courteous, plus they are licensed and insured.

What Kind Of Support Will Motorcycle Towing Professionals Give To Franchise Owners?


When you join Motorcycle Towing Professionals team as a franchisee owner, you can expect support in a number of different areas:

  • Operational Support
  • Marketing Support
  • Purchasing Support
  • Accounting/Audit/Legal Support
  • Ongoing Research and Development
  • Franchise Sales and Overall Program Oversight


Training includes:

  • 1 week of Training at Motorcycle Towing Professional’s HQ
  • 3 days of Training at the franchisee’s location to get the business started
  • 4 visits to the franchisee’s location the first year, 3 visits the second year, and 2 visits for each year after that, as needed
  • Ongoing support and guidance in building and operating your business


What Are The Territories And Fees?

When you join Motorcycle Towing Professionals, you have the choice of a new start-up business or you can convert your own towing company to be under the Motorcycle Towing Professionals umbrella. You will be given an exclusive territory of up to 2 million in population or a 5-mile radius from the location. We are looking to expand to new areas soon!

The fee for one regular franchise is $20,000. Minimal start-up costs can be as low as about $33,000 (including the franchise fee), depending upon a number of factors. Please see the chart on the next page for a more detailed list of expected expenses to get this franchise up and running.

Let’s Talk Numbers


What Kinds Of Qualifications Is Motorcycle Towing Professionals Looking For?


Types of qualifications recommended for, but not restricted to, potential franchisee owners:

  • Strong Sales and Customer Service Abilities
  • Good with Timing and Schedule Management
  • High Personal Standards
  • Able to Meet Initial Investment Requirements


Targeted experiences include, but are not limited to, the following potential franchise candidates:

  • Existing Motorcycle Service Business Owners
  • Motorcycle Retail or Sales Professionals
  • Corporations or Businesses Involved in the Automotive Business
  • Entrepreneurs / Investors
  • Families – Husband / Wife Teams who would Like to Start a Business
  • People who have a Passion for the Motorcycle Field


What Are The Next Steps?

Step 1: Fill out the Evaluation Form

Step 2: Send the Evaluation Form to

Step 3: Arrange for an Initial Phone Consultation to “Meet the Team”

Step 4: Arrange for a Discovery Day in San Diego

Step 5: Review Franchise Agreement

Step 6: Join the Team!

We hope to hear from you soon!



“Join The Towing Industry With A Business Model That Has Proven Profitability And ENORMOUS Value To Your Customers.”

Fernando Reyes, Owner & Founder
Motorcycle Towing Professionals
San Diego, CA
(858) 583-2966